Waupaca County Greenways Commission

The Waupaca County Greenways Commission is a proud partner of the Waupaca County Silent Sports Website.

The vision of the Waupaca County Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan is “an interconnected network of intra- and inter-community linkages developed; ultimately enabling bicyclists and pedestrians to travel safely and conveniently to destinations within and beyond Waupaca County.”

The primary charge of the Greenway Commission is to use the Bike\PED plan as a guiding document to administer grants. These grants are intended to help finance projects that further the objectives of the overall plan.

Since trips taken on foot or by bicycle are often for the dual purpose of transportation and recreation in Waupaca County, the potential for creating a countywide network of both on- and off-road accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians is important. With opportunities to promote bike touring and extended hiking trips, as the system grows, it will not only serve the needs of its residents but will also prove to be an effective tool in attracting additional tourism dollars. This belief is reflected not only in the overall vision, but also in the goals and objectives and specific strategies and implementation actions that are proposed in the plan.

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Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation

The Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation is a proud partner of the Waupaca County Silent Sports Website.

Since 1995 the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation (WCEDC) has been providing assistance to both private businesses and public sector organizations, in an effort to strengthen the local economy and enhance the quality of life for all the citizens of Waupaca County.

Simply put, whether it’s securing funding from federal, state or regional resources for businesses and communities, or representing the people of Waupaca County throughout the region and state, the WCEDC is truly a non-partisan promoter and advocate for growth and development in Waupaca County.

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