Waupaca County Lakes

Welcome to our interactive map showcasing the beautiful lakes of Waupaca County, Wisconsin. This is your digital window into a region renowned for its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural landscapes.

Our map invites you to navigate through the county’s 52 named lakes and countless other water bodies. Click on a lake to learn more about its size, depth, and the fish species that call it home. You’ll also find information about public access points, boat launches, and nearby amenities for each lake.

Whether you’re an angler seeking out the best fishing spots, a birdwatcher eager to explore diverse ecosystems, or simply an adventurer on the hunt for your next kayaking or swimming excursion, this map is your comprehensive guide to the waters of Waupaca County.

Top Lakes in Waupaca County

Waupaca’s Chain O’Lakes

The Waupaca Chain O’Lakes is made up of 22 inter-connected spring-fed lakes that create an experience for water sports enthusiasts that is unlike any other in the world. Rainbow, Round, Columbia and Long Lakes are available for water skiing, while all other lakes are slow-no-wake, creating fantastic opportunities for paddle sports.

White Lake

With over 1,000 acres of water area, White Lake is the largest inland lake in Waupaca County. It features fantastic fishing opportunities for largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and panfish. Powered watercrafts are welcome, allowing many opportunities to enjoy the water at whatever speed you find most enjoyable.

Bear Lake

An idyllic setting for family fun can be found year-round at Bear Lake, which covers 200 acres and boasts a maximum depth of 62 feet. Anglers will find ample panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike. Camping is available on the lake for families looking to unwind, go for a swim, or take a boat cruise.

Spencer Lake

Crystal clear water and ample fishing opportunities are the hallmarks of beautiful Spencer Lake. Powered watercrafts are welcome to explore the 70 acre lake as fish await anglers in depths up to 53 feet. Panfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye are plentiful.


Waupaca County is home to several millponds, including Little Hope, Manawa, Marion, Pigeon, Scandinavia, Waupaca, Weyauwega, and others. These waterways provide great fishing opportunities as well as paddle sports adventures. Public access is widely available, or journey to one of these millponds by using the river that flows through it.

Top Rivers in Waupaca County

Wolf River

The Wolf River is one of two National Scenic Rivers in Wisconsin. It features world-class fishing opportunities highlighted by unique spawning seasons for Sturgeon, Walleye, and White Bass. This diverse fishery also offers a wide variety of species from Muskellunge to Crappie. Anglers from around the world view the Wolf River as a destination trip, and this vibrant waterway also offers exceptional recreation opportunities from tubing to waterskiing and everything in between.

Tomorrow/Waupaca River

Named by Native Americans, Waupaca is translated as “tomorrow.” The small intimacy of this river is accented by a swift current that will delight paddlers, along with lazy bends for tubing. Fishing opportunities abound, with species like bass and northern pike in abundance.

Crystal River

Paddlers of all skill levels will find adventure on the Crystal River. This diverse waterway features amazingly clear water and fishing that is truly remarkable. This river is truly a hidden gem of Waupaca County waterways.